Okay, I’m not even sure what take we’re on, but definitely it’s not the first take, given this is also the first time doing this.

I finally got my mic working, so we’ll see where this goes.

All right, so this is something new.

Not sure where this is going to go.

The main goal here is to have something to practice riffing on a set of bullet points.

Something I’ve had to do a lot and get better at, so I figured this was a good as any mechanism to do this again.

So hopefully minimal edits, minimal time investment, just getting something out, having fun, creating, even if it’s a little contrived.

So inspiration corner.

For this one, definitely been inspired.

Lex Friedman has a daily podcast that’s basically his thoughts, his storytelling.

He has a great voice.

I definitely recommend checking that out.

He’s in the podcasting realm, so it’s not too far-fetched to have a side project like that.

The other one, Devin Townsend has been recently putting out YouTube videos with studio updates in kind of a very informal conversation with the audience setting.

Those have been, in Devin’s way, therapeutic in a way that only Devin can accomplish.

So definitely check that out.

I have no idea whether this thing will have show notes or anything like that, so expect things to evolve.

All right, we’re going to wrap this for the first time and see where this goes.

Anyway, the pilot episode.